Bolo básico com aquafaba


  • 1/2 copo água do cozimento do grão de bico (ou feijão branco)
  • 3/4 copo açúcar
  • 3/4 copo farinha
  • 1 colher sopa baunilha
  • temperos: noz moscada, cardamomo, cravo em pó
  • 1/2 colher sobremesa de fermento em pó
  1. Prá-aqueça o forno a 200C.
  2. Bata o líquido do grão de bico até ficar espumoso.
  3. Adicione o açúcar e bata mais 4 min até ficar cremoso.
  4. Depois adicione temperos e a baunilha.
  5. Gentilmente adicione a farinha de trigo e misture, por ultimo o fermento.
  6. Asse entre 20-30 minutos ou até o palito sair seco quando testar.

Coconut craze

I have been a bit busy recently and was pushing aside this post for a long time. I had a domestic issue to tackle. Now, the situation is under control. I have also taken up a full-time job which is consuming most of my time. My apologies for not letting you know about it. Thank you for visiting my site and I will visit everyone and get back to normal blogging soon.

This is a post that brings the result of my aquafaba cake test. I wanted a recipe to try, that uses many eggs so I could substitute them with aquafaba. I chose to try making a sponge cake as that is a challenging recipe! It turned out to be a wonderful cake. I used the beany liquid twice, firstly as an egg substitute in the cake recipe and then to make the icing for the cake.

IMG_4818The recipe…

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